About Us

Gareth: Entrepreneur, Teacher, and Spiritual Coach. Gareth lives in Cape Town South Africa.  In addition to spending his creative energy on vegan based business ventures, Gareth supports people on their spiritual journeys and volunteers with search and rescue.

LeAnne: Professor, Meditator and Advocate. LeAnne lives in the Pacific Northwest where she spends time guiding the next generation of educators and supporting others on their spiritual paths towards whole health.

We met 15 years ago at a retreat center and have continued to share a passion for health and healing, knowing that what we ingest impacts us physically and spiritually. Not being satisfied with the quality and availability of nutraceuticals, we have joined together to create a vegan line of supplements (both for people and our pets).  You can find our high quality, vegan products in the United States, South Africa and the U.K.